Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the method of payment?

A: You can pay by bank transfer (BACS), wire transfer, or by credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Amex).


Q: What is the study requirement?

A: This depends on how well you can read English.  Each module comprises approx 40-60 pages of text which you are required to study.  If you are competent in English the module reading should take you about 3-4 hours.  You are then required to evidence application by answering tasks in a workbook.  As this is an accredited diploma, the total monthly commitment is designed to be 30-35 hours.


Q: What level is the CSMP certification aimed at?

A: The CSMP is accredited by SFJ Awards as a customised qualification at a Level 6.


Q: I am undertaking an MSc.  Is this overlap?

A: No, the materials in the module are set out in such a way to be of both practical value and as a useful source of up-to-date, relevant references ideal for anybody pursuing a security management MSc.


Q: Is the course suitable to those new to the profession?

A: The course has been specially written to be of value to both those new to the security management profession and to the more experienced.  The feedback from both categories has been overwhelmingly positive.


Q: Does the course have a UK focus?

A: Not specifically.  The course seeks to bring together best practice in security management that will be applicable to all environments.  The material writers and markers have had direct personal experience in security management in many parts of the world. Students on the programme extend over 100 countries.


Q: Can I begin the course at any time?

A: There are specific entry points so that you can join a cohort of learners.  This is important in benchmarking yourself against your peers and in shared learning.  Entry points are 6 times a year, February, April, June, August, October and December. 


Q: Are there security professionals at the end of the phone, or will I have to go through administrators or a switchboard?

A: You will have direct access to security professionals.


Q: Are the course materials delivered all up front, or one module at a time?

A: One module at a time, building in in to a very “extensive body of knowledge.” One module at a time is better for learners, as it allows us to keep the materials completely up to date.


Q: Is there an examination at the end?

A: No, the award is through guided learning and monthly assessment.


Q: Is there a need to demonstrate perfect English in the written submissions?

A: No.  We do not assess you on your written English.  As long as you have the ability to understand the modules and successfully express evidence of that understanding in English, you will pass the course.


Q: Are there any prerequisites to the course?

A: No.  Just a determination to succeed and commitment.


Q: Is there a recertification requirement?

A: No.  Once you have your CSMP is it yours to keep.  You just need to ensure that you adhere to the professional code.


Q: What is the word count of each monthly module?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the extent to which you want to illustrate your answers with practical application.  By all means email us if you wish to see an example of a past task sheet so that you can gauge the work required.